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7 décembre 2007 5 07 /12 /décembre /2007 00:47

Dans un article publié dans Helsingin Sanomat, le Directeur du Centre des retraites en Finlande Jukka RANTALA dénonce la rangaine fausse de la pensée unique sur les retraites menacées par l'imprévoyance et l'égoïsme des papy boomers. Cette rangaine est fausse et orientée par des a priori idéologiques.
Un article à lire.

Finnish Centre for Pensions: Future pensions will have higher purchasing power than that of current pensions

According to a new unpublished survey by the Finnish Centre for Pensions, those who retired in 2003 get a pension that is more than 60 per cent of their earnings in the previous year, confirms Jukka Rantala, the Managing Director of the Finnish Centre for Pensions.
      Rantala does not sign on to the views claiming that the baby boomer generation has been selfish with little thought for the future, and depicting the younger generation as victims who would have to fund the baby boomers’ old-age pensions. He regards such talks as one-sided.
Managing Director Rantala notes that in terms of euros the pensions of future generations will have a higher purchasing power than do the payments made to current retired generation.
      He says that one must remember that the pension system is part of the entire social system, while the Finnish social security has not always been as good as it is today.
      Rantala is surprised at the scare stories put about by some individuals, saying that future pensions will have to be cut.
      Moreover, he dislikes the idea that everybody should buy an individual voluntary pension insurance.
"The national pension will provide a certain minimum subsistence for the pensioner, while it is alright to supplement one’s pension. However, I cannot accept any scenarios for a lower statutory pension cover in the future, as they are simply not true", argues Rantala.
      In Finland pension provision consists mainly of the employment-based earnings-related pension and the national pension, which provides a minimum income.
      "The best way to secure a better pension is to invest in one’s proficiency and career", Rantala advises.
      In the near future, the Finnish Centre for Pensions will publish a survey made among those who retired in 2003, relating to their statutory earnings-related pensions.
The Finnish Centre for Pensions is the central body providing service regarding statutory earnings-related pensions for private-sector employees and self-employed persons. The Centre conducts research, compiles statistics, gives advice, and provides information on matters related to pension provision. The registers of the Finnish Centre for Pensions contain data on every Finn’s earnings that affect his or her earnings-related pension.

  The Finnish Centre for Pensions

Helsingin Sanomat

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